Roberto Petza

The Heart

“In the heart of Sardinia you will find a region called Marmilla. In the heart of Marmilla, the Romans gave this name because of the hills shaped like breasts, is the chef: Roberto Petza.

He is a conservative but also a liberal. He preserves a wealth of tastes with courage and obstinacy, techniques, knowledge and ancient gestures. Also a progressive one because he understands that the past is the only way to conquer the future.

He refreshes the Sardinian tradition with new performance practices, combinations, new aesthetics and a new concept of catering. His restaurant is the symbol of these multiple vocations: S’Apposentu, located in the main house of Puddu’s pasta makers. They are the heirs of a tradition that seemed extinct, but now lives in the kitchen and in the Academy: Petza’s training school.

The Puddu house is not a museum, but a place of experience and dedication to great cuisine. Above all a cosy home, a parlour (S’apposentu, of course) where it’s a pleasure to dive into the dishes of the chef, microcosms of kindness and stories. Each dish is a story, the ingredients: lamb, pork, poultry, herbs, grains, legumes, cheeses tell of an ancient and honest earth. The story then continues in the vast, clear Sardinian sea with the poor people’s fish, the forgotten, that the chef personally selects from the wonderful fish market of Cagliari. The archaic flavours are transformed into new creations and adventures. And of course, in the end, the elegance of this cuisine comes from the authenticity of Petza.”
Gianluca Biscalchin


Roberto Petza’s restaurant, S’Apposentu, is in the town of Siddi, in southern Sardinia. The chef also runs an Academy there, training chefs and cookery enthusiasts and has accommodation close to the restaurant for both diners and guests on the courses.

L’e Marquis recommends a visit to S’Apposentu, for an authentic experience close to the heart of Sardinian tastes, culture and traditions.