Super Yacht Charters & Sales




When it comes to helping you find the perfect yacht to charter, our Super Yacht partner company believes their approach makes all the difference – turning a great experience, into a remarkable one. There is simply no better way to experience sheer luxury and absolute freedom in some of the most stunning destinations on earth than onboard a private super yacht. Whether it’s a family holiday, a special occasion, a corporate event or an escape from every day life – we will provide a selection of the best yachts available to choose from.
Submerge yourself in the world’s glittering expanse of waters in order to achieve the ultimate sense of escape. Unlike holidays spent in exclusive hotels or resorts, super yacht charters offer its passengers the ultimate in control and privacy.
Available in a vast array of sizes, styles and functions, there is a luxury charter yacht to suit every need. With beautifully decorated, spacious cabins, first-class facilities and excellent activities, fully crewed super yachts have all you need covered. Find your perfect escape with our advanced luxury yacht charter search.
Our team will manage the entire process from initial enquiry, through to booking, right down to the temperature of the olive in your Martini.



Buying a yacht is an investment in a lifestyle that many aspire to experience. Far from just an ocean vessel, it is a home from home, an office, a venue, a holiday destination… your utopia.
Becoming the owner of a super yacht means achieving the ultimate in adventure, comfort, privacy and style. Purchasing a super yacht can be complex, as everything from purchase; ownership and operation presents rights and responsibilities to consider. Along with detailing the appropriate design and equipment features of your ideal super yacht, there are also strict payment and registration rules which must be obeyed to as well as important after-purchase considerations.
Our Super Yachts team combines its experience and passion to work tirelessly on your behalf, exploring the extensive selection of yachts we have access to, so you are able to enjoy making the best decision that fits your needs.


All reservations for Super Yachts and purchases of Super Yachts qualify for BEARMILES.