Locanda Rudalza

Costa Smeralda


Locanda Rudalza restaurant is synonymous with tradition, nature and good food. Sardinia, despite the four seas that surround the island, is a land known for its large production of pork and sheep. The hills, abundantly present on the island, have allowed the development of pastoralism over the millennia, an activity that still offers high quality pig, sheep and dairy products in Sardinia. The restaurant Locanda Rudalza offers in its menu dishes of the best Sardinian tradition, for a high-profile food and wine selection. The particular position of the restaurant which, immersed in the hilly countryside, overlooks the Gulf of Cugnana, ensures a panorama worthy of note. Nature reigns supreme, embracing this recently redecorated cottage of green and blue. The wooden ceilings and interiors of the furnishings convey an atmosphere of warmth to the guests, mitigated by the sea breeze. The terrace offers a splendid view where you can enjoy the smells and colors

The Sardinian delicacies of the menu of the Locanda Rudalza are an assortment of traditional gastronomic proposals to taste and foretaste, if the satisfied customer decides to make a visit to the restaurant again. The appetizers vary with the season, and take full advantage of the richness offered by the Sardinian territory. Between these: Mixed cold cuts and cheeses Aubergines with salted ricotta and fresh tomatoes Vegetable meatballs Wild boar ravioli Tripe with tomato sauce Favette with pork pulp Mazza frissa All appetizers are accompanied by grilled bread (on coconut). Among the first courses you can try: Gnocchetti with sauce Ravioli al terrabinu Gallura soup Among the main courses the undisputed king of the menu is without a doubt the porcetto. This dairy pig flavored with myrtle, thyme, bay leaves and other Mediterranean spices, is the flagship of Sardinian cuisine and one of the best Made in Italy gastronomic products. The renowned pork is rigorously cooked on the grill, following the rules of tradition scrupulously. This dish is accompanied by vegetable crudité. To close they can not miss the seadas, the typical Sardinian sweets.

The seadas are typical Sardinian sweets, of Spanish origin, made with semolina, fresh sour cheese, honey or sugar as a condiment. The dairy ingredient, at the base of the seadas, derives from the activity linked to pastoralism that distinguishes Sardinia.The original recipe includes the use of pecorino cheese, but the preparation of seadas also admits the cow’s cheese. The seada should be consumed fresh, and its tasting is accompanied by sweet and aromatic wines typical of the area.


A restaurant overlooking the splendid Costa Smeralda from above: this is how you can define Locanda Rudalza, which is the most beautiful setting for parties and ceremonies. Among the characteristic aromas of the Mediterranean and the inebriating sea breeze coming from the Gulf of Cugnana, guests will be enveloped and involved in a unique sensory experience. The panoramic terrace overlooking the gulf is the ideal theater to spend a fantastic day in the company of friends and relatives, and above all the delicious dishes prepared by the cuisine of the restaurant. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, baptisms, confirmations and other happy occasions to remember forever: the Locanda Rudalza of Porto Rotondo is ready to welcome guests in its rooms or on the terrace with rich appetizers and its meat specialties, local and otherwise. The restaurant rooms dedicated to parties and ceremonies are large and spacious, and can be booked, as well as the spectacular terrace that offers a breathtaking view of the gulf. The structure is particularly suitable for receptions with large groups, wishing to spend a day or a relaxing evening. Locanda Rudalza, in the area of Olbia, offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy in peace and serenity the specialties that the Sardinian pastoral tradition has been giving to the islanders for centuries and guests curious to discover the beauty, not only culinary, of this fascinating island.