Su Gologone

The Heart


Cuisine: A fogu lentu

Sardinian cuisine expresses a simple approach to life, imbued in its cheeses, spit-roasted meats, pane carasau, handmade pasta, olive oil and distinctive wines. At Su Gologone, mealtimes are saturated with the fragrances and flavours of Barbagia. The (low carbon-footprint) breakfast is a delectable offering of Oliena honey, conserves, cheeses and charcuterie, as well as homebaked breads and pastries. Lunch and dinner are laced with local character too. Savour maccarones de busa (handmade bucatini) and culurgiones (ravioli filled with local ricotta), porceddu allo spiedo (spit-roasted suckling piglet), and seadas al miele (honey fritters).



A la carte restaurant

The restaurant is decorated with Sardinian art and crafts and has a terrace with stunning views. The à la carte menu features classic Sardinian dishes, with much of the produce coming directly from the Su Gologone farm and vegetable garden. Next to the restaurant, the hotel shop sells Sardinian foods to take home and prolong the Sardinian experience, alongside local artisan tableware and utensils.


Nido del Pane

Su Gologone’s Nido del Pane (‘bread nest’) lies at the heart of the hotel. Sardinian women, dressed in typical costumes from Oliena, demonstrate how bread has been made for centuries. They prepare different local specialities such as pane carasau, a crisp, wafer-thin flatbread. When the bread is ready, it is shared. Glass displays across the Nido del Pane illustrate Sardinia’s breads: those made for special occasions, those dedicated to the saints, and even play breads that were baked for children. The pine tree growing at the centre has its own story…


Kitchen garden

Seasonal local vegetables that go directly to the restaurant, aromatic herbs and olive trees –the gardens at Su Gologone are wonderful places to meander through and explore.


Magico Tablao

Guests and locals – everyone loves to meet here. Designed by Giovanna Palimodde, it’s an enchanting place to sip an aperitif and try some Sardinian artichoke and delicious antipasti, against the breathtaking backdrop of Supramonte. Or come after dinner for a digestif. There are 15 aromatic grappas, mostly Sardinian, and local liqueur made from herbs and berries. Once a week (usually Friday or Saturday), the canti a tenores join in, a polyphonic Sardinian male voice choir, recognised by Unesco as an important aspect of the world’s cultural heritage.