Faro Capo-Spartivento

The beauty of quietness

Built on a cliff overlooking the sea, the Lighthouse dominates Capo-Spartivento’s promontory, a protected nature reserve that guarantees absolute privacy.

The space outside the Lighthouse, skilfully designed to make the building appear as the natural extension of the rocky promontory, offers endless different viewpoints from where to enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

At the front of the building, overlooking the sea, a 200 m2 raised teak deck features a 14×6 m infinity swimming pool with two Jacuzzis. At both sides of the pool, the elegant white leather seating areas are the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or sip a drink at sunset.
At the rear of the building, the 3000 m2 garden has a 12 m fireplace and a spacious lounge area. The central raised area features eight crystal gazebos, 16 m2 each, where guests can dine and enjoy the splendid views.

The main building has a 600 m2 surface and is a great example of architectural renovation.
On the ground floor, the spacious 120 m2 lounge represents perfectly Faro Capo-Spartivento’s style: the white walls and the light colour of the stones in the vaults compliment the variety of designer objects and antique furnishings in the room.
The dining rooms, in the central part of the building, feature a magnificent convivial table that seats six and a large crystal table that seats ten. A cast-iron spiral staircase, by Neri, leads to an old underground tank, now used as a wine cellar.
Huge iron beams and ceiling to floor windows have taken the place of the walls that once formed five separate rooms, creating space for different elegant lounges with comfortable white Louis XIV style sofas and a large fireplace.

All bookings made at Faro Capo-Spartivento through L’e Marquis qualify for BEARMILES and BEARPLUS advantages.