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Gino’s Islands in the Sun: 100 recipes from Sardinia and Sicily to enjoy at home

Hardcover – Illustrated, 29 Oct 2015

by Gino D’Acampo (Author)


Join Gino on his trip to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia on a journey of discovery of authentic and delicious Italian food. Delving into the gastronomic history of these islands he will uncover the signature dishes, and secret recipes that encapsulate Sicily and Sardinia and their people.

With over 100 mouth-watering recipes – using fresh ingredients and regional specialities – GINO’S ISLAND SECRETS will reveal the culinary secrets of these Mediterranean islands.




Under the Olive Tree: Family and Food in Lugano and the Costa Smeralda

Hardcover – 5 Apr 2010

by Manuela Darling-Gansser

Under the Olive Tree is a story of family life and food in Lugano, an elegant city clinging to the edges of a Swiss Lake near the northern Italian border, and the sapphire seas of the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. Manuela Darling-Gansser, along with photographer Simon Griffiths, captures this inspirational journey as she revisits the memories, sights, smells and tastes of her home town and the summer holidays of her childhood. Eat salami and mountain cheeses with red wine in the tiny grotto restaurants in remote mountain valleys. Sample traditional Sardinian fare of Culligiones (large pasta cushions filled with wild mint and potato) and Semifreddo Di Miele Amaro (a soft ice cream flavoured with the unique Sardinian bitter honey) in the picturesque harbours of the Mediterranean. Manuela Darling-Gansser is your perfect guide and host, intimately translating the food and flavours of her heritage for you to recreate in your own kitchen. Under the Olive Tree is a celebration of Mediterranean al fresco living at its best!


A Sardinian Cookbook

Hardcover – 25 Jul 2013

by Giovanni Pilu and Roberta Muir

Born in Sardinia, Giovanni Pilu moved to Australia in 1992 full of enthusiasm and passion for the unique flavours of his homeland. In this, his first book, Giovanni celebrates a distinctive regional Italian cuisine based on simple ingredients prepared with minimum fuss, and a food culture firmly rooted in the hospitality that is an essential element of life in a harsh Mediterranean landscape. A place where cheese is served at every meal, and bread must always be on the table. From bread to desserts, passing by meat, game and vegetables, Giovanni’s wide range of recipes are a colourful yet accessible insight into the food that is in his blood and close to his heart.