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Soha Beauty
Soha Beauty takes its inspiration from the pure, wild and unspoilt nature of Sardinia. Its philosophy lies in using natural ingredients (all products are 93.3% natural or above), with beautiful design of the formulas and pleasure of use with essences and fragrances that are an integral part of Sardinian nature.



Pleasure of use
The Soha belief is that skincare is a pampering treat as much as an everyday need, and as such should be pleasurable. Textures are carefully combined with fragrances using essences and essential oils that are an integral part of the nature in Sardinia. Soha is attentive to how a product looks and feels, and equally focused on ensuring all ingredients work in harmony with each other and include the latest bio-technological advances at concentrations proven to work.


Cannonau Grape: a very special grape
Soha has created an exclusive extract of the Cannonau Grape, 3 times more concentrated in anti-ageing polyphenols than other grapes. In 2006, the science journal Nature published a study on the longevity of Sardinians. One of their main findings was…the grape! Cannonau is up to 3 times more concentrated in Anti-Ageing Polyphenols than other grapes and is particularly rich in OPCs (Procyanidins).

Soha’s exclusive grape extract has been shown to provide 3 key benefits to the skin. First, it is a potent anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from free-radical damage. Second, it has been shown to increase collagen production by more than 20% in just 48 hours. Third, it helps accelerate synthesis of youth–longevity proteins Sirt-1.


Natural technology
Soha does not use parabens, silicons, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, paraffins or animal-derived products (except honey).